Investment Philosophy

Dresner Financial Planning's investment management philosophy is to achieve the total return (capital gain plus income) within your risk tolerance and time horizon necessary to help you make your financial dreams come true.

Our goal is to create and maintain your sense of comfort and peace of mind in spite of the unpredictable volatility of today's investment climate. We employ a disciplined asset allocation approach within a defined investment strategy - one designed to prudently accumulate wealth while limiting risk.

Utilizing the 6-step financial planning process, and adhering to the Noble award-winning and widely accepted, "Modern Portfolio Theory", Dresner Financial Planning will design your personal portfolio which incorporates your personal investment criteria of specific needs, goals and risk tolerance. We do not attempt to time the stock market. Time in the market is far more important than timing the market.

We continually monitor your portfolio to ensure that your assets remain invested in a manner consistent with your criteria. You maintain complete control over your assets. We receive duplicate copies of your transaction confirmations and compile quarterly statements to ensure you stay on track to helping make your financial dreams become a reality.

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