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Dresner Financial Planning is an independent, personal financial planning firm offering comprehensive advice and planning to clergy and religious educators. This is accomplished through the following analyses:

  1. Financial Analysis The starting point for any financial planning process is to determine your current financial position. This includes cash flow analysis, a balance sheet of your assets and liabilities, and a detailed analysis of your qualified and non-qualified investments.

  2. Risk Management Analysis This includes an analysis of your present protection against financial risks, which could result in significant financial losses that you may not be willing to accept. This protection is generally provided by insurance including life, health, disability, long-term health care, auto and homeowners coverage. This analysis will result in you being able to make educated choices regarding the risk protection you want to maintain/implement using the most cost effective approach.

  3. Investment Analysis The objective is to help you make smart and educated choices about your investments to allow you to accomplish your specific financial goals. The analysis includes both qualified and non-qualified investments. The result is specific asset class investment recommendations for your portfolio to provide the maximum expected return compatible with your acceptable risk tolerance. The approach uses the Nobel award winning, and widely accepted, "Modern Portfolio Theory" investment concepts. Of course, no investment performance is ever guaranteed.

  4. Tax Analysis This analysis determines which strategies could be implemented to reduce Federal and State income taxes.

  5. Retirement Analysis The objective is to provide you a retirement income which will allow you to maintain your desired standard of living during your retirement. Based upon the difference between your retirement income needs and monthly income sources, such as Social Security, pensions or annuities, a determination is made of the annual return required from your retirement portfolio to make up the difference needed to meet your retirement goals. A portfolio is constructed, along with required savings and investment returns to achieve this goal. Monte Carlo probability is used as part of the analysis.

  6. Wealth Transfer Analysis This analysis determines which of the numerous wealth transfer planning techniques available is most appropriate for your particular objectives. The objective is to maximize the amount of assets transferred to your heirs and minimize the amount of taxes owed to the Federal government. Dresner Financial Planning is not qualified to render legal advice but would identify the need of, and can refer you to, a qualified legal advisor.

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