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Financial Planning . . . Not!
Financial planning is not chasing after the latest hot mutual fund, or your best friendís stock tip. Financial planning is not trying to beat the market. Financial planning is not just for people who already have money. 

Financial planning is a process of determining your life financial goals, and designing and monitoring a plan that will achieve them. Financial planning helps you accumulate wealth, preserve it, and pass it to your heirs. 

A financial plan identifies your comfort level for investment risk, your time frame, cash flow, taxes, debt management, investment diversity, estate planning, and many other aspects of your entire financial picture. It involves collecting all your financial information and analyzing it. It involves asking many questions about your feelings on money, your family, and your goals and dreams. A financial plan is not written in stone and left in your desk drawer. It is a flexible instrument that must adapt when changes in your life and the economy occurs. 

You can leave your financial dreams to chance, well-intentioned friends, or worse yet, the government. Or you can work with an experienced and trained, independent financial planner who is more interested in seeing your financial dreams come true than winning a company prize for collecting the most customer assets. 

The process of financial planning can take anywhere from one to three months to initiate, complete, and implement. Designing it forces you to consider things you were too busy to focus on, or kept putting off. Designing your plan with your advisor can be fun, frustrating, enlightening, and rewarding. 

A financial plan, ultimately, is peace of mind. In todayís constantly changing world, many people would consider that priceless.

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