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"Ministering to Clergy"
Financial Planning Magazine, December 2005

Does International Investing Still Make Sense?

Intermediate Sanctions and Presumption of Reasonableness

Portfolio Withdrawal Rates and Their Sustainability

Estate Planning

Your Investment Policy Statement - Roadmap

Strategies For Rising Interest Rates

JRB Fund Analysis 

Retirement – Think You’ve Saved Enough?

Your Retirement Portfolio – Income or Total Return

IRA Strategies

Financial Planning Strategies for Homeowners

A Different Kind of Risk

Get Shipshape For The Next Storm

Surfing The ‘Net

Sleek and Money Left On The Table

Loss Harvesting

Financial Planning . . . Not!

Risk is a Four-Letter Word

Don’t Let Market Volatility Disrupt You Achieving Your Goals

Investment Success - How Much Is Enough?

Investment Success; Don't Be Your Own Worst Enemy

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