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Surfing The ‘Net
All through history, those who controlled information, molded public opinion by choosing what information to give and how to present it. Mass media was controlled by journalists who confirmed the information, filtered it, and presented it to the public. Journalists took their role of presenting the truth very seriously and suffered career setbacks when they were shown to have lied. 

And then came the Internet with its nearly instantaneous and unbridled flow of information. Raw, unfiltered information to a public used to receiving information with a high level of confidence that it was checked and believed to be true. 

You’ll be hearing more and more about Internet investment scams and stock manipulation in web chat rooms. While surfing the ‘Net, investors will have to develop some of the journalist’s skills in processing, fact checking, and filtering the information – if they have the time and interest. 

Or they can look to their financial planner. Your financial planner keeps up to date with the financial industry and knows what’s real and what isn’t. S/he can advise you on what strategies to consider, and which ones are dubious. Your planner can make sure you don’t get caught up in this hype or that fad, but that you stick to your plan to achieve your financial goals.

You are the captain of your ship in determining your final destination. Your financial planner is the navigator making sure you sidestep the storms, avoid the reefs, and arrive on schedule. 

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